Meet the Certified Colorado Potato Growers

Seed potato certification in Colorado is voluntary. Colorado certified seed growers make a commitment to understand and follow the rules and regulations for Colorado certified seed potatoes with the goal of producing quality seed for themselves and their customers. Many Colorado grower operations are managed by the second or third generation of the same family, testifying to the importance of history and knowledge needed to produce a consistent high quality product.

Some growers focus only on tissue culture potato plantlet production and greenhouse minituber production. Other growers own their own tissue culture and greenhouse facilities, beginning their seed potato increase progressing through additional generations of production in the field. Other growers specialize in receiving Generation 2 or Generation 3 seed to increase one or two more years. Whichever way, each grower is focused on developing their style of farming, establishing good relationships with other seed growers and commercial growers that are customers.

Allied Potato Colorado, Inc.
53943 County Road B, Center, CO 81125

Internationally recognized as a leading potato grower, packer, and shipper, the name Allied Potato has quickly become synonymous with superior quality and service. Exporting high quality chipstock, seed and table potatoes has become a specialty of ours with thousands of tons exported 52 weeks out of the year to destinations in Canada, Mexico, Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, the Caribbean, Brazil, Central America, and Northern Africa.

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Bothell Seed, LLC
3527 West Rd. 8 N., Center, CO 81125

Our seed potatoes are grown in the San Luis Valley; an isolated, arid, high mountain valley. It is located 7,600 feet above sea level, where the summer days are warm and sunny and the evenings are cool. This climate keeps disease and insect pressure low and gives high altitude vigor.

Seed has been grown on this land since 1948. We have been growing potatoes on it since 1989. We are a 250 acre operation in which the owners are involved in every stage of production, from planting to shipping of your seed. This means that all aspects of crop production are done in a timely manner, exactly when they need to be done. There is also a personal attention to detail in every procedure that insures you are getting the highest quality of seed possible.

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Liz Sanders
Box 19637 Colorado City, CO 81019

The Colorado City greenhouse produces several million minitubers each year. A state of the art greenhouse, tissue culture laboratory, and five climate control cold storages allow us to fill custom orders of any size for field planting any time of the year. The sunshine in southern Colorado allows us to grow year around, and the Colorado Potato Seed Certification Service provides assurance of the highest quality minitubers available in North America.

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H & H Farms
1509 East Rd. 4 North, Monte Vista, CO 81144
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LaRue Farms
1509 East Rd 4 North, Monte Vista, CO 81144
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Martinez Farms
0721 Lane 2 North Alamosa, CO 81101
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Palmgren Farms
50026 County Rd. C Center, CO 81125
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Derek Schreck
47468 County Rd. B Center, CO 81125
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Summit Plant Laboratories, Inc.
3003 West Vine Drive Ft Collins, CO 80521
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Grant Mattive
2468 East County Rd 3 E Monte Vista, CO 81144
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Zapata Seed Company
10539 North 104 Rd. Hooper, CO 81136
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