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Quality as High as Our Mountains

The Colorado Certified Seed Potato Growers’ Association supports all efforts to produce the highest quality seed and sustain the profitability of Colorado’s certified seed potato industry.

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High Altitude Advantage

We are a community of certified seed growers in Colorado, committed to a high level of potato seed production. We have a high altitude advantage, at 7,500 feet above sea level, where the days are sunny and the nights are cool. This keeps insect pressure low and gives our seed vigor. Fields are closely monitored for insects and disease, by our Potato Certified Services team. Growers use technologically advanced equipment for production and strict sanitation practices. We also use advanced breeding and research services as well as grower labs and greenhouses, this provides growers a large selection of varieties. This all allows buyers of our top quality seed to achieve higher yields and net returns.

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Every grower is unique in their own personal ways. Take a look at some of our quality seed growers!

Meet our Certified Potato Growers

We have a internationally successful potato breeding program. Each month we will be featuring a cultivar. Come see what is coming out of the science lab to the field.

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The CCPGA is an association of certified seed potato growers that is over sixty years old. Looking to find out more about us? Check out our about us page now.

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Featured Potato Varieties

Several new cultivars have been developed for the fresh and processing industries which are widely grown in the west and many other parts of North America. We’re pleased to announce the Top 20 Colorado cultivars grown in 2018. Read more >>

Meet our Growers

Internationally recognized as a leading potato grower, packer, and shipper, the name Allied Potato has quickly become synonymous with superior quality and service. Exporting high…

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Our seed potatoes are grown in the San Luis Valley; an isolated, arid, high mountain valley. It is located 7,600 feet above sea level, where…

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The Colorado City greenhouse produces several million minitubers each year. A state of the art greenhouse, tissue culture laboratory, and five climate control cold storages…

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